Angus & Paula MacKinnon




When a loved one has passed away, many people find it hard to cope with practical necessities. We can help. We carry out many responsibilities, from arranging funerals to organising press notices, flowers and receptions. Our family firm has carried out these and many other undertakings for the community in and around Cornwall since 1993. Amid the confusion of bereavement we provide calmness, order and a sense of dignity, so that life, as it must, can go on with hope for the future as well as respect for the past.

Angus & Paula MacKinnon


We feel it is a privilege to be a funeral director and serve the community, our clients trust us with their loved ones at one of the most difficult periods in their lives and we will always be aware of that.

Angus and Paula pray that all of us can get through this incredibly unprecedented time and defeat the outbreak of COVID-19. However, we have had to implement changes over the last weeks to protect the public and our staff and this includes making arrangements by telephone, email, or possibly Skype to limit the contact with our clients, while still providing the personal service we are known for.

In the absence of any clear guidelines to the risk attached to actually dealing with the deceased who have died of corona virus, preparations have already been put in place. Personal protection equipment has been sourced and we have adapted a policy of strict social distancing for the foreseeable future. We anticipate that very shortly (similar to other parts of the country) our crematoriums will be closed to all services and will continue on a cremation only basis.

This particularly concerns us as we believe that when we experience the death of someone we love, a funeral service fills several important needs. They help us acknowledge that someone we love has died, provide a support system for our clients, family members, friends, the community and allow us to reflect on the meaning of life and death. Bodmin Funeral Services are committed to offering a limited service (less than ten mourners) in our private chapel so amid the confusion of bereavement, we can endeavor to provide calmness, order and a sense of dignity whilst saying goodbye, so that life as it must, can go on with hope for the future as well as respect for the past.